About us


Founded in 2001, Palos Management is a boutique investment firm based in Montreal. Our mission is to continuously earn our client’s trust in growing, sustaining and protecting their wealth over many generations through exceptional management and service. We are committed to giving our clients personalized advice and solutions that meet their objectives. Our team of professionals believes in the Art of Investment, which goes beyond the numbers and focuses on the people behind them.

Our interest are directly aligned with that of our clients. In fact, our entire team’s wealth is invested alongside yours. We manage our wealth as though it were our own. Palos Management is independent and 100% owned by Palos Capital Corporation, a privately owned entity.


The Palos Income Fund LP was a 2nd place winner of three categories in the 2014 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards.
Best 1 Year Return | Best 5 Year Return | Best 5 Year Sharpe Ratio